The Personal Side of Successful Property Management

  • October 28, 2016


We asked Mary Williamson Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for Panco Management to
comment on the following article:

The Personal Side of Successful Property Management

As competition begins to heat up in the rental market, staffing your properties with the right people and developing relationships with tenants can lead to a higher retention rate.


Here’s her take on the personal side of property management at Panco:

A key point in the tenant/property relationship is a stable staff. A resident’s bond with a stable, caring staff becomes a relationship much like family which provides a higher level of trust. We live in an increasingly impersonal world so the need for a personal touch with people is a key factor in the success of any business. It is especially important in our business. We have such a unique opportunity with our residents to deal with them on a very personal level every day. Our goal is to always take advantage of those opportunities creatively and demonstrating in many positive ways how important the residents are to us.

The personal touch starts with the leasing process and continues with each and every encounter with the resident thereafter. Each interaction is going to influence the resident’s renewal decision. While technology and electronic communication from management is quick and efficient it does not allow the resident to read body language or facial expressions, or hear the tone of a voice. All of those factors combined can communicate caring and sincerity that the written word cannot. It is so much easier to make a positive impression with a resident or customer when they are made to feel that they are not just a business transaction but the most valued and appreciated part of our business.

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